What do you think of the proposed tattoo ban at Suma Beach from this year?

Ai Yamamoto
Bartender, 25 (Japanese)

That’s unbelievable! How could they even think about doing that? I would never be allowed to go to a beach again in my life. Give me a break!

Steve Nelson
Systems engineer, 41 (American)
It’s crazy! Just because someone has a tattoo, it does not mean that they are going to commit a crime. Most tattoos are just cool works of art.

Kaori Maeda
Shop assistant, 25 (Japanese)
As a Japanese who seeks her own individuality in this changing world, I disagree with the tattoo ban, it shows lack of understanding of others.

Language teacher, 33 (Canadian)
What next — no tattoos on the street? And how are they going to enforce that!? The police checking everyone all over their body on the way to the beach?

Manabu Asada
Musician, 39 (Japanese)
Why would they do that? I love to see tattoos at the beach! I play at these events, sometimes, and it would make less people come to see my band.

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