Luke Rigano
High school teacher, 33
I'd like to vote Labor but I'm disillusioned with their environmental policy. I'd like to see more investment in renewable energy. And I strongly disagree with their Internet filtering policy.

Robert Whiteman
English teacher, 31
(New South Wales)
I won't be voting, but I don't approve of opposition plans to end a ban on uranium sales to India, which hasn't signed the Nonproliferation Treaty. The 26-week parental-leave scheme promoted by the opposition and Greens sounds promising.

Anthea Freshwater
English teacher, 29
I've already voted. I voted Labor. I'm completely against everything that (Liberal leader) Tony Abbott stands for. I want to physically slap him every time he opens his mouth on telly.

Des John
Technical consultant, 61
I'm going to vote Labor. People forget the decisive action taken by Labor during the global financial crisis. If Tony Abbott's coalition had been in power then, Australia would now be in recession and have massive unemployment.

Tony Bruin
English teacher, 38
I'm not on the electoral roll. I usually vote Liberal, but they're a little too rightwing this time. Labor's done a pretty good job of running the country, so I think they deserve another chance. I take more interest in Japanese politics these days.