What was your top moment of the World Cup group stage?

Shiho Watanabe
Housewife, 26 (Japanese)
The best moment was Christian Ronaldo’s goal against North Korea. The way the ball bounced along his back before landing right at his foot, it was like God had helped him.

Piota Kucharski
Student, 18 (Polish/American)
My favorite memory was at Shibuya Crossing after Japan beat Denmark to go through to the final 16. So much hugging and so many high fives. Everyone thought I was Danish!

Yuu Watanabe
Teacher, 27 (Japanese)
My best memory was watching (Lionel) Messi’s fantastic skill. In one game he dribbled around three defenders before taking a shot. It didn’t matter that he didn’t score.

Hideki Tazaki
Patissier, 36 (Japanese)
The best moments were in Japan’s performance against Cameroon. Kawashima had a great game and made a miracle save. This game gave the team a lot of confidence.

Rhiona Dey
Translator, 19 (English)
I simply love to see every face that Peter Crouch makes when he has a shot. He really has the most incredibly expressive shooting face I have ever seen in football.

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