What Japanese phenomena would you like to see exported abroad?

by Louisa Chan

Phil MacKenzie
Engineer, 47 (English)
I like the communal way of eating, so I’d like to see more Japanese food overseas, like yakitori and shabu shabu. It’s a fun and friendly way to eat a meal.

Aaron Rideau
Student, 29 (American)
Having more drift cars in the States would be great. It feels amazing when I’m driving one. It’s freedom to me. I come over here once a year to visit performance shops.

Elin Ishihara
Travel agent, 35 (Swedish)
Parks filled with cherry blossom trees are beautiful. It would be great to have these overseas. Hanami is a nice way to meet people and to spend time with your friends.

Jun Tsurubuchi (Japanese)
Convenience store staff, 29
Natto (fermented soy beans) should be available in all countries as it’s delicious. It may not be popular at first because of the texture and smell, but hopefully in time people will grow to love it.

Max MacKenzie
Student, 14 (Australian)
I’d like to see more differently dressed people in Australia, like the goths in Harajuku. People are free to do what they want here. There are less constraints.

Karen Moller
Homemaker, 48 (Australian)
I’d like to have ¥100 shops in Australia, as they’re really cheap and sell interesting things. Back home, cheap shops sell tacky, low-quality goods made in China.