What are your New Year's resolutions?

Joanne Kirkman, 54
Artist (American)
I’m an artist, but I don’t know much about Japanese calligraphy, so I’d like to learn how to do it. I’m going to take lessons. I bought some ink and brushes in Nara.

Ben Grantham, 27
Teacher (English)
I want to save money so that I can travel more. I want to go to Mongolia in particular. I’m interested in Mongolian wrestling and would like to visit some tribes.

Kanae Miyamoto, 30s
Nursery school staff
I’m interested in traveling to Europe. I want to go sightseeing around England, France and Germany. I want study French and German in the next few months.

Caitlyn Kirkman, 24
Marketing consultant (American)
I want to get a new job this year. I’d like to do something in advertising. I want a job where every day is a challenge and I can be creative.

Masa Seki, 66
Receptionist (Japanese)
I want to be able to swim 25 meters in one go. I’ll take one lesson with an instructor and do one practice session with my friend. Hopefully, it’ll help me lose weight as well.

Cameron Blain, 34
JHS Teacher (Canadian)
I’m going to make an effort to communicate more with my friends and family. Also, I want to be healthier, so I’ll drink warm lemon juice every day as it detoxifies the liver.

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