How can the government encourage more tourists to visit Japan?

by Louisa Chan

Midori Tsunekawa, 59
Housewife (Japanese)
Tourist organizations in every prefecture should offer free or low-cost English-speaking guides. They could show visitors around and help them experience Japan, while teaching them about our culture and customs.

Masaru Tateyama, 52
We need to offer better deals for foreigners. It’s not cheap to travel around Japan. Hotels and transportation are very expensive. There should be signs in other languages where there are many tourists.

Christian Catlow, 27
Teacher (English)
It would be good to have more posters and ads in England about Japan. I’ve never met anyone from my town who’s been here before. It’s also important to have more English-speaking staff in tourist areas.

Stephanie Yang, 20
Student (American)
Japan has a large number of tourist traps. There needs to be more online guides about cheap and fun things to do. For example, I recently went to the 20th anniversary of an aquarium for free.

Graham Parker, 37
Printer (English)
There’s a mix of unique and traditional things in Japan, like people dressing up in costumes to visit temples and shrines. There should be more photos and info in advertisements to attract tourists.

Zara Feeney, 21
Student (American)
People think Japan is really expensive, but it’s a false idea. There are many free things to do, such as visiting parks and shrines, and experiencing Japanese culture.

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