How do you keep up with what's going on in Japan?

by Louisa Chan

Erin Ruttan, 36
Chef (Australian)
The Internet is really useful for discovering good restaurants and events around Tokyo. Word of mouth is also good. I’ve gotten lots of good tips from friends and colleagues.

Jarkko Vanhala, 22
Security guard (Finnish)
I occasionally read the newspaper to find out what’s happening in Japan. I read a bit about the recent election. I don’t watch the news because I can’t understand Japanese well.

Kym Ruttan, 33
Restaurateur (Australian)
There needs to be more information for tourists and expats living in Japan. Some of the free magazines are good, but distribution is limited to mostly central Tokyo.

Hubert Cleonis, 35
Engineer (French)
There’s a very good site, Autrement le Japon, which has lots of useful information about Japan. Some Japanese volunteer to show foreigners around, and they can be contacted there.

Danielle Goodwin, 22
Sales rep. (New Zealander)
I’ve been here for three weeks and I really like Metropolis magazine.
I found my accommodation through it. It’s got lots of information about shows, concerts, antique markets and festivals.

Lawrence Medina, 23
Student (American)
I usually read the newspaper or check the news online. I use the Japan Today site quite often. For cultural events, I usually ask my friends about what’s happening around Tokyo.