Do you have an emergency kit ready for when the Big One hits Tokyo?

by Louisa Chan

Kazuyoshi Nakano, 27
Assistant hair stylist
No, I don’t. I’m not worried about earthquakes. My house is strong and there are no buildings around it. There’s just farmland, so it’s really safe.

Erica Rogers, 19
Student (American)
I’m really scared of earthquakes, but I don’t have an emergency kit. Quakes are so sudden that the only thing you can do is run to a doorway when they happen.

Noritaka Ohta, 54
Video shop owner
We have four in my house, containing water, food and bandages. I think there’ll be a big quake in Tokyo within five years, so it’s important to be ready.

Valerie Gu, 43
Housewife (French)
When we first arrived in Tokyo, everyone told us to prepare something. We have copies of our passports, a whistle, a blanket, a torch and food in a bag.

Ken Tokui, 44
We used to have one, but it got lost when we moved last year. My new house is really strong, so it’ll be OK. It won’t collapse during an earthquake.

Andrew May, 36
Teacher (Australian)
Yes, my wife prepared it. We have a daughter, so we want everything ready, in case we don’t have a home for a couple of weeks and need to stay in a shelter.