What would you do if you were given ¥300,000 to get out of Japan?

by Louisa Chan

Nathan Berry, 29
Photographer (Aussie)
I’d probably take a three-month holiday around Southeast Asia, living cheaply and stretching it out before heading back home to Australia.

Christina Rodriguez
Housewife, 40 (Spain)
It’s not a lot of money. I would go back to Spain and use it for food and other living expenses. It would probably last me about two months.

Gary Hussey, 54
Lecturer (American)
I would go home and use it to get an apartment. I’d live on it while I looked for a job and maybe do a course to improve my IT skills.

Lantz Gomez, 21
Student (Spanish)
I would move back to Spain and start a new life. I would use the money to live until I got a job or started my own company.

Lyn Seghers (Aussie)
Property manager, 61
There wouldn’t be much money left after paying for my air fare home. I would use the rest for food and a place to live until I got a new job.

Krishantha Ariyarathna
Technician (Sri Lanka)
Living in Canada has always been my dream. I would move there and hopefully get a job in aviation, which is what I studied in Sri Lanka.