Should Democratic Party of Japan chief Ichiro Ozawa stay or go?


Kozue Adachi, 34
At first I didn’t think he needed to quit. As the story has grown, people’s feelings toward him and his party have become more negative. Now I think he should resign.

Wahab Labi, 32
Accountant (English)
I don’t think he should quit because it’s unfair that he should be held responsible for something he knew nothing about. He should soldier on and try to be the next PM.

Ayako Okamura, 33
Now Ozawa’s image is damaged, if he resigned it would give a younger leader a chance to revamp the party and improve their chances of winning the next election.

Mitch Mitchell, 37
Ornithologist (Aussie)
This mere snare won’t stop the momentum for a change in the upcoming election. If he can survive, it will put him in a stronger position to defeat the Liberal Democratic Party.

Keisuke Furuya, 34
He should stay, because the line between what is legal and illegal regarding contributions is so fine. More importantly, he wasn’t involved with the donations anyway.

Mayumi Saito, 34
Business development
Ozawa must resign because he should be aware of what is going on within his own party. I think this situation clearly demonstrates his lack of leadership.