What do you make of former Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa’s performance at the G7 summit in Rome?


Rachel Earhard, 33
Consultant (Canada)
I heard his father may also have had a similar character and perhaps similar problems. Often weaknesses as well as strengths can be hereditary.

Shuho Takei
Chef, 21
The media witch hunt led to a very hasty decision. It’s a pity he was pressured to quit because he could have made a good “right hand man” to the prime minister.

Asami Yoshida
Dancer, 25
He thought he was capable of making an address even after a little alcohol, but he obviously wasn’t. It’s embarrassing for Japan because it was in front of the world press.

Toshio Hamada
Interior designer, 61
It is a national embarrassment, because he occupied a key position in the government. It brought a lot of shame on his party and country.

Otoshi Takeda
Retired, 67
It doesn’t matter whether it was alcohol or medicine that caused it; It was his fault alone. I don’t understand why no one dissuaded him from attending the conference.

Ayaka Tokumoto
Student, 21
It seems a shame that for some people this scandal will be the only thing they associate with Nakagawa, regardless of any good work he has done before.