Will you help stimulate the economy with your share of Prime Minister Taro Aso's cash handout?

by Louisa Chan

Miyuki Smallacombe
Housewife, 30
My family will get around ¥65,000. We’ll save it for our future. With the way the economy is, there’s no guarantee from the government that we’ll get a pension when we retire.

Rodney Gray
Student, 32 (ineligible)
I would take a trip somewhere nearby. I really like hot springs. I recently went to Atami, which was really relaxing. I want to see more of Japan.

Kayo Hoshida
I’ll use it to visit my son and daughter-in-law in Nagoya. They moved recently and my husband hasn’t been to their new apartment yet, so we’ll take a trip there.

Hideyuki Hagiwara
Internet staff, 35
My hobby is collecting old records. I have over 3,000. I’ll use the money to add to my collection. I can get some for as little as ¥20 in secondhand shops in Ikebukuro.

Anna Olfsson
Commodities (ineligle)
There’s a lot of good food in Japan. I’d like to try a Michelin restaurant in Tokyo. I’ve heard they’re very good. I’d go for a really nice teppanyaki, sushi or sashimi dinner.

Kentaro Sugata
Engineer, 26
I like socializing and playing golf, so I’ll use the bonus for those things. I’ll go for a nice night out drinking with my friends and also to the golf range to improve my technique.