Takafumi Imamura, 31
Government officer
It’s rude when people are late for something important. Guests should never be late for a wedding or funeral, unless there’s an emergency.

Josephine Pancia
Solicitor (Aussie)
It’s unforgivable for adults to physically or emotionally hurt children. There is no excuse for it. Adults need to be aware of how they treat and respond to children.

Jun Osakabe, 29
Temporary staff
Sorry is not enough when one commits a crime. People need to think carefully before they act. They need to realize their behavior not only affects themselves, but others.

Mitsuru Akazawa, 38
Quality control officer
I think that companies lose a lot of money due to employees making mistakes at work. People need to focus more and double check their work so errors don’t happen.

Leesha Cowdrey
Welfare worker (Aussie)
I could never forgive a partner who had been unfaithful. It would destroy any trust I had in him and I would be unable to accept an apology.

Yukie Aoki, 22
Convenience store staff
Breaking something of great sentimental value to someone is truly hard to forgive. My father had a collection of figurines that I accidentally broke. He was very hurt and upset.

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