Mika Usuda
I think we have a pretty good chance of winning the ladies’ marathon this time around with Mizuki Noguchi, so if I don’t have to work that day I will definitely tune in for that.

Saki Hirose
The only interesting thing about this Olympics is the opening ceremony, produced by Zhang Yimou, and that’s over. I’m not really interested in sports, but the ceremony was really amazing.

Anne Langlois (Canada)
Military attache’s wife
We just came here last year, so I still need to track down where the results are going to be shown. I enjoy the swimming events, but even things like weight lifting can be interesting.

Shigeki Oguma
Landscape gardener
My wife plays “mommies’ volleyball,” so we’ll be watching all the ladies’ matches. Japan doesn’t really have much of a chance of winning, but I’m looking forward to it anyway.

Du Xiaxi (China)
Embassy of China
I’m looking forward to the 110-meter hurdles and pingpong. Why? Because I’m Chinese. I also think that China’s past and present were expressed beautifully in the opening ceremony.

Tahisa Motohashi
NPO employee
Definitely swimming. Japan is strong, and we have a chance of winning. I felt sorry for the team at the ceremony. They had to wait all that time to walk into the stadium. They must have been tired.

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