Ryuichi Yoshimoto
Real estate, 39
Today young people don’t take care of older people. Sometimes they act very selfish. I think young people are spoiled today because people have so few children.

Naoto Igari
Broadcasting, 48
Nowadays young people are more gentle. When I was young, people were raised to fight each other, like that movie “Rebel without a Cause.” Today they try to cooperate. They are more naive.

Zachary Morgan
Accountant, 25 (U.S.)
Our generation is more conservative. Having been raised by baby boomers, our parents did well for themselves, whereas we know that to do well as adults we need to work in their system.

Yu Kataoka
Advertising, 28
Young people are more disrespectful, and I think this is because of cell phones. Communication is indirect and informal, whereas customs are passed on when people talk face to face.

Emily Carsch
Student, 20 (U.S.)
I think young people today are more respectful. We aren’t as rebellious because our parents are more liberal. We live in a society that lets us do what we want, and be who we are.

R. Shotu
Cell phone firm, 27
I think teenagers only care about themselves. They are respectful to older people, but not kind to them. In the countryside it’s probably different, but in big cities teenagers do what they want.

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