L ast week the Community Page published a selection of readers’ responses to to John Spiri’s June 17 Zeit Gist article on Democratic Party of Japan lawmaker Yukihisa Fujita. Following is Mr. Fujita’s response to one reader’s criticisms of the Diet member’s stance on the Sept. 11 attacks.

Politicians calling for probe As Mr. Jon Rodgers seems to be the sole critic of the article out of a number of responses, I will only answer his points.

With regard to whether there were really reports of explosions in World Trade Center Building 7, see “Barry Jennings Uncut” and “9/11 Revisited: Were Explosives Used?” (both on the Internet).

With regard to the fact that some of the fire chiefs knew that WTC Building 7 was going to collapse, this was probably because they knew that explosives had been planted, some of which had already gone off in the morning, as one city official has testified (again, see “Barry Jennings Uncut”).

With regard to what professionals think about the WTC collapses, see the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth site (ae911truth.org), where over 400 professionals have called for a new investigation. Statements from almost 500 engineers and architects can be read at Patriots Question 9/11 (patriotsquestion911.com).

With regard to demolition experts, see “Jowenko WTC7 Demolition Interviews” (on YouTube). As for the claim that Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon, see “9-11 and the Impossible: The Pentagon” (physics911.net/omholt). On Flight 93, see chapters 1 and 4 of David Ray Griffin’s “Debunking 9/11 Debunking,” which show every part of the official story to be questionable. On both flights, see the Pilots for 9/11 Truth Web site.

Because of such evidence, a new 9/11 investigation has been called for by many politicians around the world, including Andreas von Buelow (former German research and technology minister), Giulietto Chiesa (Italian member of the EU Parliament), Paul Hellyer (former Canadian defense minister), Michael Meacher (former U.K. environment minister), Tony Benn (former U.K. technology minister), and Jesse Ventura (former governor of Minnesota).

I would reword Mr. Rodgers’ final sentence to read: “I hope that the Japanese will take advantage of their knowledge of science to see through the false conspiracy theory about 9/11, and the name-calling over ‘discredited theories.’ “

Yukihisa Fujita
Member of the Diet

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