Is Japan more dangerous than it was 10 years ago?


Michelle Simms
Unemployed, 46 (Australian)
I’m just visiting. Is it safe or not? I’m not really sure, but it feels very safe here, it’s very easy to walk around. Crime is very unusual here, isn’t it?

Junichi Yamada
Salaryman, 55
The situation is temporary. Danger and safety go up and down. I think that Japan is safe, but some parts are more dangerous, it always changes.

Gustav Strandell, 33
Japan-Sweden Care Institute (Swedish)
I don’t think it has changed much, although I know Japanese people tend to think that it has become the most dangerous place on Earth, after Sudan.

Kyoko Miyazaki
Unemployed, 26
I think Japan is more dangerous. The Japanese economy is doing badly, and people don’t have jobs. People don’t have hope for the future, and I think that’s the government’s fault.

Tim Boott, 33
Businessman (U.K.)
Japan is not more dangerous really, particularly compared to the U.K. There’s a lot of media attention on the dangers now, but it’s more the media highlighting it than a real problem.

Miuykyung Bae
Student, 18 (Japanese)
It’s very dangerous. I don’t feel safe, and my mother is very worried about how dangerous it is getting. I can’t really go where I want.