Anna Folies
Narrator, 36 (French)
I am for freedom of expression. It’s important to expose yourself to all kinds of views, so that you can build your own. So I definitely want to see it.

Gabriel Ramos
ALT, 28 (American)
I want to see it because it’s important to understand different views. The shrine seems to elicit so many emotions, so it’s important to educate ourselves.

Jess Mantell
Student, 27 (Canadian)
I don’t go to movies here, so I probably won’t get to see it. I’m against censorship, so I think they should show movies from the other side too, as it’s such a controversial issue.

Mana Yamaguchi
Translator, 32
I would love to see the movie but I don’t think the prime minister should make official visits to the shrine itself. If he wants to go there privately, I think that’s OK.

Taishi Ito
Artist, 28
I want to see it because I think it’s necessary to know what Chinese people think. Yasukuni’s a beautiful place, but it has a sad history, and we should go there in order not to forget that history.

Michiko Matsuhashi
Actress, 32
I think it’s a bit taboo to talk about nationalism in Japan, but I’d love to see the film because I’m interested in how a Chinese director who lives here feels about these issues.

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