What are your favorite summer hot spots in Japan?


Andria Kurychak
Teacher, 30 (Canadian)
I love to go to Inokashira Park because I think it’s very beautiful and it has all the pleasures of Yoyogi Park but with a small community vibe, like you can feel the people of Kichijoji coming together.

David Turry
Banker (American)
We love Rinshinomori Park. It used to be a research institute for trees, and they stopped it to open it up as a park, which is really great because it’s real shady and especially nice in summer.

Jen Strasser (Canadian)
College instructor, 31
I’d recommend climbing Mount Fuji. It was nice and peaceful, especially going from the town, not the fifth level. The trail was overgrown, with shrines, temples and stables along the route.

Gauti Fridriksson
Writer, 28 (Icelandic)
Summer is the season for scoping out the festivals that are held at weekends. I love going to a local festival, checking out the dance rituals, drumming shows and parades, and sampling the local fare.

Izumi Kawamura
Graphic designer, 42
Shibuya Crossing is an interesting place to hang out. It’s the busiest crossing in the world, with so many different types of people crossing it every few minutes. It’s a great place to people-watch.

Takeshi Shiga
IT producer, 38
I like strolling around different festivals, like Earth Day or the Thai Festival, and getting to taste different kinds of food, watch various kinds of performances or check out clothing at stalls.