Where do you hang out in Tokyo?


Martina Pechova
Student, 25
If someone came here from Europe, I think Akasaka is the best place I could take them because of the temples and traditional houses, etc. And Shinjuku, because it’s the total opposite.

Andrew Crane
Teacher, 25
I’d go to Yokohama to see how the Japanese do Chinatown. It’s very interesting to see one Asian country do another Asian country. It’s so different from in Australia.

Tatsuyuki Kobayashi
I like Disneyland because it’s close to my home and it’s a lot of fun. It’s like going to another world for a day. I also like going around the emperor’s palace because there’s a nice view.

Jumpei Yoko
Sales, 28
I’d go to Kamakura or Hayama beach. The ocean is beautiful and there’s lots of nature. I can take time to relax when I go there, which is important because every other day is so busy.

Yurika Yoshida
Editor, 24
I love going to Arakawa riverside because it’s a natural river, not man-made. I like to go running there and take an “obento” (lunch box) to have a picnic on the river bank.

Eiji Nogaki
Photographer, 23
My favorite spot in Tokyo is around Meguro River. I like going there for “hanami,” for shopping because there are lots of cool shops, and for eating in restaurants. I like to chill out in that area.