What’s the best gift you’ve ever given?


Chiaki Mori
Fashion designer, 22
I dressed up like Santa Claus one year when I was in high school and I gave my parents hats that I had knitted secretly. It was a big surprise for them and they were so happy.

Kumiko Noda
Counselor, 48
This year I’m giving a pendant for a necklace. It’s very special because the guy I’m giving it to really wants that gift. I’m sure when I give it to him, we will both be very happy.

Student, 31
I’m Buddhist, so I don’t really give Christmas presents, but every holiday season I always give food, chocolates and snacks to my friends and family and we have a little party together.

Kevin Sheft
Architect, 24
It would have to be a subscription to the Jelly of the Month Club. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. You get a different jelly every month of the year delivered to your home.

Tom Ohta
Trader, 59
What’s the best present I’ve ever given to someone? It’s a very difficult question to answer, but I think that probably the best Christmas present I ever gave someone was my heart.

Heather Varaleau
Teacher, 26
I bought my dad a digital camera last year. He really wanted it and it was a bit expensive, but I finally had enough money that I could afford to buy him a gift like that.