Is Japan too permissive a society?


Thomasina Larkin asks people if they think that Japan is too permissive a society

Yuri Suzuki
Student, 19
Japan is too permissive. People can drink alcohol in their cars. People can drink all night and bartenders don’t tell them not to drive home. The underage can also buy alcohol very easily.

Ernesto Cellie
Translator, 34
People in Japan are generally allowed to do as they please, then if something bad happens they tighten the rules a bit. It’s also becoming less strict for foreigners coming here.

Kotaro Yahgi
Businessman, 42
Japan is very permissive. We’re losing the manners that our parents and grandparents had, so we’re becoming more permissive. People don’t care about what others do.

Miriam Hsu
Recently Japan is becoming more permissive and, as a result, crime rates are rising, especially child crime. It’s mainly a problem with the widening gap between the rich and poor.

Nobuyoshi Osaki
Engineer, 53
Japan is getting less permissive. For example, in Ueno Park, people from Iran used to sell fake phone cards but now we don’t see that any more. It’s still quite tolerant, though.

Marissa Gonzalez-Otoya
Japanese people pretend their society is very orderly, but I think Japan is just like any other country. They have weird, dirty and bad things, but they manage to hide them very well.