A. Walsh
Teacher, 35
I would probably donate to some homeless guy in Ueno Park. It’s more direct and the money doesn’t have to go through all the people like charities do. I know that it’s going to make some difference to him.

Nozomi Ando
Translator, 28
I would give to my church. The main purpose is to spread Christ’s gospel, of course, but in order to do that we do different things. It’s very important to meet people’s physical needs as well as their spiritual needs.

Jeff Jabori
Manager, 31
People give after they’ve had a personal experience with something. For example, a friend of a friend had breast cancer, so I’d consider contributing to the Breast Cancer Association. Breasts are important, you know.

Caroline Anderson
Lawyer, 33
Probably the World Wildlife Fund, because they do a lot of work, not just with animals, but also conservation work. For example, in Africa, they support the local communities and educate farmers about the importance of things like tourism.

Yukiko Sanuma
Translator, 27
I would give money to Iraq or Niigata, for emergency relief. If I got into such an emergency situation, I think donations would help. If there is an emergency, people need food the same day, so it’s more urgent than other kinds of charity.

Kevin West
Missionary, 25
I always give to my church. I would give it to a Christian Missions organization. They would mostly spend it to spread the gospel around the world — also feeding the poor, but the main point would be to spread the gospel of J.C.

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