What do you think of the government official's comment on women 'brimming with energy'?

Yoshi Ayugai
Animation, 32
That’s a mightily sexist remark, isn’t it? I think it’s more a result of the animation/entertainment industry. It’s video games, not women brimming with energy.

James Gow
Foreign Exchange, 39
How about b******s? I think it’s more a reflection of the fact that Japanese young find difficulty in seeing right from wrong — it’s the media, I guess.

Kyoko Saito
I totally disagree. Violent images surround kids so they don’t know the difference between reality and fiction, and young people don’t know how to control their emotions.

Eddie Espanol
Int’l Comm., 24
That seems a bit of an extreme thing to say, like he’s trying to shift the blame. The kids are too young to even know what that means.

Seth Strand
Engineer, 19
That’s nonsense. Back in the 1950s, holding hands was a big deal, but teenagers these days do anything. Little kids have been desensitized.

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