What’s your opinion of Nova’s ban on teachers dating students?


Jonas Kirkegaard
Student, 28
I would suspect some students would come there to see teachers, and also outside of school. Sounds like a moral choice to me. Personally, I wouldn’t do it.

Carla Swinehart
English teacher, 25
It’s like dating people at work. If the relationship goes bad then maybe the student won’t come back and I guess the school doesn’t want that.

Simon Creak
Student, 31
It seems pretty impossible to police. Blanket rules like that are a bit silly. I actually dated a student when I taught, but there’s a natural tendency to be discreet.

Amanda Reid
English teacher, 26
The rule isn’t enforcable, so it’s pretty silly. It does bring complications if you’re in an eikaiwa where students can take your lessons.

Thatcher Spero
English teacher, 25
When it’s to the detriment of the school’s business. I think as a professional it wouldn’t be right to take advantage of a paying customer. Beyond that, it’s not high school. People are adults and can choose for themselves.

Yuka Uda
Student, 18
I think it’s really professional not to get involved, but once you’re in love, then you’re in love.