Should Japan upgrade its defense?

Lee Frank
Teacher, 41

I don’t see the difference between a self defense force, which Japan has, and an army, seeing as they’re sending the self defense force to Iraq. I think nuclear weapons should be completely ruled out of diplomacy.

David Rocks
Student, 32

Japan has the right to defend itself but I don’t think that Japan, China and Korea have resolved some of the problems of the past. So if Japan did have its own full army, old issues might resurface in the future.

Ross Macbride
Designer, 40

In America, so many tax dollars go to upholding the army, so what would happen with taxes in Japan if this country had a ‘real’ army? I think foreign aid, which Japan provides a lot of, is a far better use of cash.

Lynne McKenzie
Electronics Engineer, 36

I’d like to say ‘yes’, but I think ‘no’ at the moment. However, if things escalated with North Korea, then that situation might change. Having said that, Japan wouldn’t be justified in finding a nuclear solution in any context.

Teru Noji
Master of Design, 31

I’m a peaceful man, and Japan is the only country that has had atomic bombs dropped on it. I don’t want it to happen again, anywhere in this world, so, for that, and many other reasons, I am against any army or weapons plans.

Tania Vasconcelos
Management trainer, 28

Japan does need to be strong militarily because it has so many issues, historically speaking, with Korea and Asia. And if America and Russia have nuclear weapons, then why not Japan?

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