Every day, when the beach is quiet, a small figure can be seen walking on the sands of Hayama, gazing at the waves. She is Reika Iwami, an artist whose work is in museums in Britain and America, and who is only now, at the age of 72, becoming better known at home.

Iwami has no complaints, though. This shy and modest woman has held steadily to her artistic course, and is still producing complex works of art with the most simple of Japanese materials: paper, ink and wood.

Her work, together with the prints of 200 other artists, can be seen this month at the 44th Annual Print Show of the College Women's Association of Japan, held in the Tokyo American Club. The range of talent here is remarkable, and it is a good chance to see both established and emerging artists under one roof. From the noble to the whimsical, from the glamorous to the austere, 241 prints were selected from an entry of over 700. All prints are for sale, with the proceeds going to CWAJ scholarships.