U.S. President Joe Biden's opposition to Nippon Steel's proposed acquisition of United States Steel does not hurt Tokyo and Washington's relationship, U.S. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Friday.

Kirby's comments at a press briefing came after Biden said in a statement Thursday that it is "vital for it to remain an American steel company that is domestically owned and operated," referring to U.S. Steel.

Kirby said the relationship with Japan is extraordinarily strong as one of the United States' strongest alliances in the world.

"You're gonna see the power and the promise of that alliance in full flower here," when Prime Minister Fumio Kishida visits Washington next month, he said.

Biden's opposition to the U.S. Steel deal "doesn't take away one thing from the terrific relationship that we have now and will continue to have with Japan," Kirby said.

Biden's 2024 presidential election rival, Donald Trump, has also vowed to block the transaction.

U.S. Steel CEO David B. Burritt said in an email sent to employees that he remains confident in the transaction with Nippon Steel.

"I believe that it is truly the best deal for American steel — best for all of our employees, best for our customers, best for our stockholders and best for our country."

Nippon Steel said Friday that under its proposed takeover of U.S. Steel, there would be no layoffs and no plant closures as a result of the transaction.

Nippon Steel said in the statement it is progressing through regulatory review of the deal and determined to see it through.