McDonald's Japan has announced that it plans to introduce a plastic bag charge at 23 of its stores in Nagasaki Prefecture, starting in April. A ¥5 fee will apply to bags of all sizes, aiming to curb plastic usage and promote decarbonization.

The company, with a global network of over 40,000 stores including 3,000 in Japan, said Monday that it intends to gauge customer response and assess the fee's impact before potentially expanding it nationwide.

In the same announcement, McDonald's Japan revealed its new environmental targets, aiming to slash greenhouse gas emissions from its stores and offices by 50.4% by 2030, compared with 2018 levels. The company had already achieved a 16.1% reduction in emissions from 2018 levels by the end of 2023.

The new sustainability drive encompasses a multifaceted strategy, including the adoption of renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies like solar panels and energy-saving air conditioners in stores and offices.

McDonald's Japan also plans to ramp up its use of renewable electricity, potentially through corporate power purchase agreements and installing state-of-the-art quick chargers for the latest electric vehicle models in its parking lots.

Local initiatives are also on the agenda, with select Tokyo stores participating in a paper cup recycling experiment, and 23 stores in Saitama Prefecture transitioning to new McFlurry packaging to minimize plastic consumption.

The decision follows other sustainability efforts by the company, including recycling Happy Meal toys and food, as well as introducing wooden cutlery plus straws and salad boxes made from paper.