As part of what’s regarded as a once-in-a-century redevelopment in Tokyo's renowned Shibuya district, the Shibuya Sakura Stage complex is set to be what Tokyu Land Corporation calls the final puzzle piece, putting an accent on the transformation around the iconic station area.

The newly built facility is part of an ambitious urban renewal endeavor by Tokyu in the area around Shibuya Station, which commenced with Shibuya Hikarie in 2012 and was followed by Shibuya Stream in 2018 and the development of Shibuya Scramble Square and Fukuras in 2019.

With the development in the Sakuragaoka district, famed for its cherry blossom slope, Tokyu is aiming to elevate the allure of Shibuya, said Hiroaki Hoshino, the company’s president and CEO.