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Oscar Boyd is the Escape, Food & Drink and Books editor at The Japan Times. After graduating from the University of Oxford, Oscar cut his teeth in Fukuoka before moving to join The Japan Times in Tokyo.

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Why has the yen fallen to a 20-year low?

DEEP DIVE Apr 20, 2022

Why has the yen fallen to a 20-year low?

Since the beginning of March, the value of the yen has plummeted against the dollar, the euro and the British pound. Bloomberg economy reporter Yuko Takeo joins Deep Dive to explain why.

Cherry blossoms in Tokyo 2022

Travel Mar 30, 2022

Cherry blossoms in Tokyo 2022

Spring has arrived in Tokyo and with it the cherry blossoms, which reached a peak on Sunday, March 27. After two years of pandemic-related restrictions reducing the crowds at popular spots for hanami (cherry blossom viewing), Tokyo residents were back out in force after ...