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Business | TAKING STOCK Jul 23, 2002

Japan's reliance on U.S. must end

Tokyo stocks remain weak in response to falls in U.S. stocks and the dollar's value resulting from the shaken belief in the U.S. that everything should be left to the market. While this belief helped the U.S. economy enjoy long-lasting prosperity in the 1990s, its ...

Business Jun 18, 2002

Strong Japan stocks needn't be Dow-pegged

Although the benchmark 225-issue Nikkei average is struggling to get back to the 12,000 level, Tokyo stocks are hardly weak these days. After falling to a low of 9,420.85 on Feb. 6, a level unseen since Dec. 14, 1983, the Tokyo market raised its upside ...

Business | TAKING STOCK May 14, 2002

Tokyo market has lots of room to recover

The benchmark Nikkei average has been moving between 11,000 and 12,000 for nearly two months in the absence of strong incentives to drive the market either up or down. It is noteworthy that Japanese and U.S. stocks no longer move in tandem. When U.S. stocks fell ...

Business | TAKING STOCK Apr 9, 2002

Stocks look good but watch the foreigners

Tokyo stocks have been on the rise since bottoming out on Feb. 6. The market took a breather in early March, when investors were concerned over the so-called March financial crisis, only to resume seeking its upside with the beginning of the new financial year. Before ...

Business Mar 5, 2002

Optimism abounds as TSE passes 11,000

Optimism is spreading rapidly throughout the Tokyo stock market. With the key Nikkei average having reclaimed 11,000, a level unseen for months, market players believe they have, for now, established the downside of the market. There are two key reasons for the latest developments. The ...

Business | TAKING STOCK Jan 22, 2002

Have fears of spring crisis ebbed or not?

Sentiments on the Tokyo stock market have been dampened by fears that Japan may slide into a deflationary spiral, allied to another Dow Jones average fall under 10,000. The latter was apparently due to Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan's recent warning against expectations of an ...

Business | TAKING STOCK Nov 27, 2001

Is second bottom coming or now passed?

Tokyo Stocks, as measured by the 225-issue Nikkei average, appear to have hit a second bottom, which is widely considered as a support level. After having hit a 17-year low of 9,504.41 on Sept. 17, the key market gauge slipped below the 10,000 level at ...

Business | TAKING STOCK Oct 16, 2001

U.S. on slide but not Japan?

Stock markets worldwide are likely to fall deeper into confusion as the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in the U.S. and U.S.-led military action against targets in Afghanistan increase economic uncertainties. There is no denying that the U.S. may experience drastic economic adjustments in a turnaround ...

Business | TAKING STOCK Aug 28, 2001

Market may yet escape U.S. slowdown

Tokyo stocks are threatening to take the key Nikkei average into a range between 10,000 and 11,000. The 225-issue Nikkei average is at its lowest level in more than 16 years as it includes many information- technology stocks that have plunged due to the burst ...

Business | TAKING STOCK Jun 19, 2001

Stock rally just waiting for proper cues?

Tokyo stocks remain mired at a depressed price level. Although the Tokyo Stock Exchange bottomed out March 5, when the benchmark 225-issue Nikkei average hit a 16-year closing low of 11,819.70, the market has yet to stage a strong rally. The market may remain in a ...