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User burnout could threaten Twitter's prosperity

/ Nov 7, 2013

User burnout could threaten Twitter's prosperity

They loved it. Now they hate it. A growing number of celebrities, athletes and self-promoters are burned out and signing off of Twitter. Many have become overwhelmed. Some people built big audiences on the short messaging service only to have their followers turn against them. Others ...

Gone fishing

/ Mar 3, 2002

Gone fishing

Fly-fishing is like pachinko. You know how some people get a rush from watching things go into little holes? Well, replace the smoke, noise and flashing lights with tumbling brooks, mountains and fresh air and you've got fly-fishing. Just as which machine you choose to ...

/ Mar 3, 2002

Fish-friendly angling may not be the answer

Since Japan's first catch-and-release area opened on Yamagata Prefecture's Sagae River in July 1997, the number of such areas has grown to more than 30 across the country. In these areas, anglers generally report bigger, more satisfying catches, as by releasing the fish they ...

Jun 21, 2001

Campaign ads on TV hit as fluff

Could Japanese politics finally be getting interesting or are things just getting out of hand? With campaigning for Sunday's Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election under way and the Upper House election slated for July, parties are vying desperately for voters' attention with an array of television ...

| May 15, 2001

Unaware Japan digging into Canadian produce

Want a taste of Canada while in Japan? According to Ambassador Leonard Edwards, all you have to do is dig into a plate of pasta, bite into a sandwich or use canola oil in your cooking. Canadian Ambassador Leonard Edwards Canada provides 100 percent of the ...

May 5, 2001

DoCoMo's 3G service delay raises more questions

Last week's decision by NTT DoCoMo Inc. to scale back the introduction of third generation (3G) mobile phone services confirmed the skepticism of many observers about its launch date. But it proved the company was willing to cut prices to allow more consumers to ...

Hot rod 'tribes' roar into the night

Mar 25, 2001

Hot rod 'tribes' roar into the night

It's 2:30 a.m. on a Friday night outside the Shibaura parking area, a thin strip of concrete and pavement stuck to a pillar under the belly of Tokyo's Rainbow Bridge. There's a flash of red taillights as vehicles speed in. New arrivals are greeted ...

Oct 18, 2000

Yonezawa's tourist industry rises from the ashes

YONEZAWA, Yamagata Pref. -- When he received a phone call saying that a fire was blazing through the hotel where his grandfather was once a carpenter, local shop owner Masahiro Ohta rushed to help. Nishiya (above) is the last of three thatched-roof inns that once ...