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Community | ZEIT GIST: UPDATE Feb 22, 2011

Navy removes captain over sex abuse furor

The United States Navy has taken action against staff involved in the case of former Lt. Cmdr. Anthony L. Velasquez, a doctor accused of sexually abusing a number of women while based in Japan and Kuwait between 2007 and 2009. "On Feb. 17, 2011, (Rear ...

Music Dec 24, 2010

Counting out 2010 with the best beats across the country

Over drinks with a former Tokyo-based promoter recently, our conversation turned to the state of the city's nightclub scene. In Europe, nightclubs can usually guarantee a certain number of patrons to show up on any given night, which is great for DJs who are ...

Justice not served in navy abuse case

Issues | THE ZEIT GIST Nov 30, 2010

Justice not served in navy abuse case

This summer, a U.S. Navy doctor, Lt. Cmdr. Anthony L. Velasquez, 48, walked free after serving seven days in the brig at the Yokosuka base in Kanagawa Prefecture. He had admitted to two counts each of wrongful sexual contact and conduct unbecoming an officer. ...

Music Nov 26, 2010

The 'weird' world of techno's Ishino

"Salarymen are fantastic," says DJ and producer Takkyu Ishino. "If there weren't so many of them doing their thing, then people like me would not be able to exist. If more people acted like me (outside the norm), then I wouldn't have had the ...

Small schools offer hope amid eikaiwa slump

Issues | THE ZEIT GIST Nov 2, 2010

Small schools offer hope amid eikaiwa slump

The collapse of the Geos eikaiwa (English conversation school) chain earlier this year came as a cruel blow to an industry still struggling to restore its credibility years after Nova's high-profile implosion. Since the Nova bankruptcy of 2007, the financial situation at the major schools ...

Brian Eno "Small Craft on a Milk Sea"

Music / CD Reviews Oct 22, 2010

Brian Eno "Small Craft on a Milk Sea"

Few artists can claim to have had as much impact on popular music as Brian Eno. His solo pieces and work as a record producer have influenced the way pop, punk, rock and dance music are made and listened to. Eno's newest album, "Small ...

Billion Dollar Boys Club

Music | IN THE RECORD Oct 15, 2010

Billion Dollar Boys Club

Billion Dollar Boys Club is the creator of 4 The Love, a Tokyo party featuring everything from house to R&B to hip-hop. The Japan Times asked him about his favorite songs. Recent classic: Culoe De Song — "The Bright Forest" (Innervisions) This song treads ...