Tokyo and Yamagata: What are your resolutions for the new year?

Kazue Kawaguchi
Company owner, 64 (Japanese)

I want to create a new system for the care homes and clinics that I run that involves younger people much more in the operations of the business.

Isao Okuyama
Retired, 92 (Japanese)
My New Year’s resolution is to make a lot of ornaments and handcrafted presents for my grandchildren this year.

Tomiko Fujisawa
Hairdresser, 28 (Japanese)
My aims are to save up enough money to change my lifestyle, to remain thankful for what I’ve got, and to make sure I always have goals in mind.

Dessie Murphy
Chef, 24 (Irish)
I want to eat more and eat better. Even though I’m a chef, I hardly ever eat. And when I do the food is not particularly healthy, so I always feel pretty tired.

Alessandra Cassarotto
Lawyer, 30 (Italian)
I’m training for my first marathon. I’d like to do either the Barcelona marathon in March or the one held in Venice in November.

Atsushi Hosoi
Bartender, 23 (Japanese)
I want to try to further my career this year. For men, that’s the best thing to do. By next December I’d like to be managing a place.

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