Tokyo: What’s your idea of the perfect Christmas?


Mayumi Kaneko, 34
Business controller (Japanese)
Hanging out with good people here in Tokyo makes for the best time for me. I don’t feel Christmas is so important but I would still like to get a present from Santa.

Sam Bridges, 35
Teacher (English)
The perfect time for me would be spent at home in England with my family and new wife. I’m teaching her “how to Christmas” at the moment. I’ve spent only three of the last 11 Christmases in England.

Haruka Okabe, 27
Sales (Japanese)
Doing anything where everybody is smiling is good — something with close friends and a party would be great. If everybody can get together and have a good time, that’s perfect.

Meme Watanabe, “over 20”
English/Spanish teacher (international)
I’m a dreamer, so my perfect Christmas would be one where I knew that every child was safe, loved and cared for, because they are the future. On a lighter note, seeing family and friends is good.

Keigo Ariyoshi, 30
Trader (Japanese)
I’d like to go to the West on a trip, particularly Europe, because the atmosphere there is supposed to be much more festive during the Christmas season.

Pania Lincoln, “30-esque”
NGO international coordinator (N.Z.)
A perfect Christmas is one where you give more than you get, and become full by being surrounded by good people. Today was pretty close — can’t wait to see what the rest of the holiday brings.

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