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Commentary / World Feb 22, 2012

Why Iran thinks it needs the bomb

Bombastic claims of nuclear achievement, threats to close critical international waterways, alleged terrorist plots and hints of diplomatic outreach — all are emanating from Tehran right now. Last week, confrontation between Iran and the West reached new heights as Israel accused Iran of a bombing ...

Commentary / World Jan 19, 2012

Understanding Tehran's behavior

The perennial conflict between Iran and the West has entered a dangerous new phase, with tensions rising in the Persian Gulf since Iran has threatened retaliation for last week's assassination of a chemical engineer linked to the Islamic Republic's nuclear program. What accounts for ...

Commentary / World Aug 10, 2011

Are sanctions helping to build Iran's bomb?

For years it was assumed that economic sanctions and diplomacy would produce a pliable negotiating partner in Iran. But Iran's truculence has effectively undermined the once-popular notion, while a degree of confusion and consternation has gripped the international community. The often-unstated hope is that ...