Morton Abramowitz

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Commentary / World Feb 7, 2008

Kremlin making mischief in the Balkans

WASHINGTON — Russia is again on a tear. This time, the Kremlin has stuck its finger in the West's eye over the long and painful effort to bring Kosovo to formal independence. Unlike the fracas over an American missile shield in Europe, this conflict shows ...

Commentary / World Jan 8, 2008

China-Japan-U.S. relations: the big chance for East Asia

JAKARTA — I believe regional and global economic integration and increasing openness, mobility and democratization are shaping East Asian developments the most — not nationalisms or Sino-Japanese tensions, or the uncertainties of China's rise, or growing conventional armaments, however important. We are at the ...

Commentary / World May 21, 2007

Europe's second chance in the Balkans

NEW YORK — Confronting the disintegration of Yugoslavia in 1991, former EU Council President Jacques Poos made his famous but now derided statement: "This is the hour of Europe not the hour of the Americans." What the European Union learned from the subsequent four years ...