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Business | ON THE FRONT LINE Jul 10, 2002

Dollar's weakening trend set to continue

The dollar's weak trend was corrected last week, with the currency bouncing back particularly against the euro. U.S. stocks are hitting bottom, which suggests the end of a weak dollar. U.S. stock prices are expected to be a main force moving the exchange rates in ...

Business | ON THE FRONT LINE Jun 12, 2002

Exchange rate factors now in state of flux

First-quarter gross domestic product figures were released last week, but there was no major market reaction as the results were no surprise. Although annualized growth of 5.7 percent is impressive compared with the previous quarter, the figures reaffirmed the nation's economy was driven by exports. While ...

Business | ON THE FRONT LINE May 15, 2002

Is yen any safer than roller-coaster dollar?

Restless trading is continuing on the currency market, keeping the dollar on its recent roller-coaster ride. The dollar has become increasingly sensitive to ups and downs in New York stock prices in general and the technology-heavy Nasdaq composite index in particular. The New York stock market's ...

Business | ON THE FRONT LINE Apr 11, 2002

Middle East tensions keep heat on dollar

The dollar remains under downward pressure amid fears over heightened tensions in the Middle East and a runup in crude oil prices. Although the Israeli army withdrew from two Palestinian cities Tuesday, it remains unclear as to whether this signaled the beginning of a wider ...

Business | ON THE FRONT LINE Mar 13, 2002

Deflation package a salve to market's woes

The government's package of measures to fight deflation has helped underpin the falling stock market. As part of its antideflation measures, Tokyo bolstered its controls on short selling, triggering a flurry of activity to cover short positions on the market. This activity sent share prices soaring ...

Business | ON THE FRONT LINE Feb 7, 2002

Japan outlook still dim as U.S. finds footing

U.S. industrial production capacity has been brought more in line with demand, brightening economic prospects. With more evidence that the U.S. manufacturing sector has begun selling off excess product stock, signs of an economic recovery are becoming more discernible. Against this backdrop, the U.S. Federal Reserve ...

Business | ON THE FRONT LINE Dec 28, 2001

Yen faces months of downward pressure

Amid concern over the beleaguered Japanese economy, the dollar has reclaimed 131 yen, a level unseen since Oc- tober 1998. There is a virtual consensus in the marketplace that the government remains committed to a weak-yen policy. With signs of economic recovery nowhere in sight ...

Business | ON THE FRONT LINE Nov 29, 2001

Speculation favors strong dollar, weak yen

The yen has come under fresh selling pressure amid speculation that both Tokyo and Washington are opting for a stronger dollar. Expectations of the dollar's rise against the yen began running high late last week amid reports that the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ...

Business | ON THE FRONT LINE Oct 31, 2001

Dollar could ride out rash of negative data

Although hopes for an early U.S. economic recovery are receding, the dollar seems likely to hold firm against the yen for the time being. Several dismal U.S. economic indicators have been ignored in recent weeks, with the market's reaction muted by built-in expectations of bad ...

Business Jun 7, 2001

Yen rise tied to reform optimism, euro fall

Optimism abounds over the structural reforms advocated by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi. With expectations running high ahead of the imminent Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election and the Upper House election -- which is expected to take place in late July -- the yen has gained ground ...