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Jason Jenkins spent 13 years in Tokyo writing about music, cameras, parenting and contemporary art. In his spare time, he and his children searched the city for new places to learn and play. His family is now traveling while they experiment with homeschooling and working remotely. Jason writes about their trip at

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Cultural education can be fun for kids

Lifestyle | CHILD'S PLAY May 20, 2018

Cultural education can be fun for kids

Japan's traditional matsuri (festivals) are great, but it's also important to expose the kids to cultures further afield. Here are a few Tokyo international festival recommendations. They're all fun, free and full of opportunity.

Go west to enjoy a family <em>hanami</em> party

Lifestyle | CHILD'S PLAY Mar 18, 2018

Go west to enjoy a family hanami party

At last, winter's grip is loosening and spring in Japan is on its way. Soon cherry blossoms will explode across the archipelago, and parks around the country will be full of smiles and picnic tarps. That's right: it's hanami (cherry-blossom viewing) season again — ...