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Reader Mail Sep 22, 2011

The case for critical thinking

The Sept. 18 editorial "Slow transparency of universities" states that Japanese universities should teach students "how to evaluate information and make difficult, reasoned decisions." However, when it comes to nonvocational, nontechnical academic programs — what we call humanities in the West — I don't think ...

Editorials Sep 2, 2011

Protection of cyberspace

Countering attacks on computer networks has become an important security issue for governments. On July 15, the U.S. Defense Department announced a strategy to harden American computer systems against cyberattacks. The Pentagon established U.S. Cyber Command in 2010 for daily operation and defense of its ...

Editorials Dec 26, 2010

New START to arms control

The New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) has won ratification in the U.S. Senate, passing by a 71-26 vote. Ratification is a victory for President Barack Obama, those who seek a world with fewer nuclear threats as well as proponents of a constructive U.S.-Russia ...

Commentary / World Jan 30, 2010

Year of U.S.-China discord?

NEW YORK — In 2009, Forbes magazine named U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao the "world's most powerful people." In 2010, we will discover that neither has the power to keep U.S.-Chinese relations on track. That is bad news for those ...

Reader Mail Mar 28, 2007

More stress on Indian English

The subject of the March 13 editorial should have been given attention much more before. The so-called obsession with native speakers/teachers in every corner is improper emphasis. These native teachers come in large variety from England, Australia, United States (covering wide areas with vastly ...