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'The Lowlife' tackles taboos in Japan's porn industry

Oct 27, 2017

'The Lowlife' tackles taboos in Japan's porn industry

The director of a controversial new Japanese movie depicting the plight of three conflicted porn actresses is hoping his film will help eliminate what he calls "prejudice" against the industry. Takahisa Zeze's "The Lowlife," an adaptation of a novel by erotic actress Mana Sakura, brings ...

| Jun 25, 2002

Sour grapes do injustice to South Korea

Who on earth would have predicted a World Cup semifinal between South Korea and Germany this time last month? The World Cup took another mad twist when South Korea beat Spain 5-3 on penalties in the quarterfinals on Saturday. Turkey then added to the mayhem ...

| Jun 11, 2002

World Cup brings out worst in Dachshund Ron

So far so weird, then. France on the brink of elimination, England beating Argentina 1-0 and Rivaldo being fined for cheating were just some of the biggest headlines to come out of the first week and a bit of the World Cup. Cohosts Japan and ...

| May 28, 2002

God and Japan try to copy Latvian recipe

What with France relying on a Japanese referee to beat South Korea 3-2 and plucky Latvia winning the Eurovision Song Contest, it was a truly controversial weekend. England tried to revive memories of Bucks Fizz but fell flat with a performance that would guarantee ...

| May 14, 2002

Let Alex run free up front

Japan strikers are a delicate bunch. Atsushi Yanagisawa went down with "Beirut Belly" during the Asian Cup in 2000 and has not touched a kebab since. More recently, Boca Juniors reject Naohiro Takahara developed an icky blood clot and Bolton Wanderers misfit Akinori Nishizawa was ...

| Apr 30, 2002

Sex, lies, videotape and something fishy

I hate April in Japan. Step outside and the air smells of sweaty underpants. My friend Percy tells me it has something to do with trees secreting spitballs. Which is nice. Imagine how chuffed I was, then, to discover an even fishier pong down at ...

| Apr 16, 2002

Careful with that tree, Eugene!

After months of teetering on the brink of full-blown silliness, World Cup organizers finally appear to have plunged into a vortex occupied by Teletubbies, giant talking tadpoles and Benny Hill lookalikes. How else do you explain the decision to ban frozen food from World Cup ...

| Apr 2, 2002

Poland and reality are Poles apart

Is Jerzy Engel completely deranged? Who on earth is Jerzy Engel, you are probably wondering? (Sigh) I used to talk about muffins and naked grandparents in these columns. Excuse me while I slip into my anorak for a moment. Engel, for all you non-Poles, ...

| Mar 19, 2002

Troussier leaves us scratching our heads

Question: When is an "open" training session not an "open" training session? Answer: When you are in Japan. It was clearly a case of when in Japan, do as the French do last week when Philippe Troussier decided he would leave more than 200 reporters out ...