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Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, speaks during WSJ Tech Live Conference in Laguna Beach, California on Oct. 17.
BUSINESS / Companies
Nov 23, 2023
OpenAI researchers spoke of risky discovery before CEO ouster
The previously unreported letter and AI algorithm were key developments before the board's ouster of Sam Altman.
Sam Altman participates in an event at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders week in San Francisco on Nov. 16.
Nov 20, 2023
OpenAI appoints ex-Twitch boss as CEO, while Altman joins Microsoft
The decision not to reinstate Altman as CEO has confounded efforts by investors and employees of the firm to steady the ship by bringing him back.
OpenAI said that it will form a team to explore educational applications of the ChatGPT chatbot.
Nov 17, 2023
OpenAI explores how to get ChatGPT into classrooms
The company says the technology could be a tutor or it can tailor content for different learning styles for students.
OpenAI chief executive officer Sam Altman speaks during a forum in Taipei on Sept. 25.
Oct 12, 2023
OpenAI plans major updates to lure developers with lower costs
The new features mark the company's ambition to expand beyond a consumer sensation into one also offering a hit developer platform.
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman
BUSINESS / Companies
Oct 6, 2023
ChatGPT-owner OpenAI is exploring making its own AI chips: sources
Obstacles include a shortage of the advanced processors and the 'eye-watering' costs associated with running the hardware.
Mark Zuckerberg speaks onstage during the Meta Connect Developer Conference in Menlo Park, California, on Wednesday.
BUSINESS / Companies
Sep 28, 2023
Meta unveils AI assistant and Facebook-streaming glasses
Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg described the products as bringing together the virtual and real worlds while emphasizing lower costs.
Japan Times
Apr 26, 2023
Inside Meta's scramble to catch up on AI
Despite high-profile investments in AI research, Meta had been slow to adopt expensive AI-friendly hardware and software systems, hobbling its ability to keep pace with innovation.
Japan Times
Mar 19, 2023
What happens when your AI chatbot stops loving you back?
Some companies that found an audience seeking romantic and sexual relationships with chatbots are now pulling back.


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