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People react during the funeral of a Palestinian who was killed by Israeli forces, near Ramallah in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on Thursday.
WORLD / Politics
Oct 20, 2023
West Bank a possible 'third front' for Israel
More than 70 Palestinians have been killed in West Bank violence since Oct. 7 and Israel has arrested more than 800 people.
Japan Times
WORLD / Politics / FOCUS
Sep 3, 2022
How a 92-year-old cleric silently halted Iraq's slide back into war
Officials and insiders say it was only Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani's stance behind the scenes that halted a meltdown.
Japan Times
Aug 30, 2022
Deadly clashes rage in Baghdad in Shiite power struggle
Iraq has been sent spiraling into yet another round of violence as it struggles to recover from decades of war, sanctions, civil strife and endemic corruption
Japan Times
Aug 4, 2022
Al-Qaida unlikely to be deterred by al-Zawahri loss, experts say
The group's far-flung branches are tactically independent and are expected to plot more attacks on local and Western targets.
Japan Times
Feb 2, 2022
Islamic State group hits back, aided by power vacuum in Iraq and Syria
Years after the group lost its grip on the area, Islamic State fighters are re-emerging, thriving on the lack of central control.
Japan Times
Dec 28, 2021
Iran seeks to cool tensions in Iraq
Iran is intervening in Iraq to quell destabilizing internal unrest stirred up by Iranian-backed militias as Tehran seeks to preserve its deep influence in the country.
Japan Times
Feb 9, 2021
In Saddam strongholds that fought America, Iraqis fear a U.S. departure
The U.S. troop drawdown is creating a security vacuum, security officials, former fighters and residents say.
Japan Times
Oct 9, 2019
Iraq promises reforms after deadly protests spread to Baghdad's flashpoint Sadr City
Days of deadly anti-government protests in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities brought few real concessions from the authorities. But when bloodshed spread to one particular poor and restive Baghdad district, they responded differently.
Japan Times
Oct 17, 2017
Islamic State said defeated in its Syrian capital Raqqa
U.S.-backed militias said they had defeated the Islamic State in its former capital Raqqa on Tuesday, raising their flags over the jihadi group's last footholds in the city after a four-month battle.


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