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TSMC had said it would make 3nm chips at the second factory, which is expected to be more advanced than the first in Arizona, but on Thursday, it said that incentives from the U.S. government would help determine how advanced the tech inside will be.
Jan 19, 2024
TSMC’s second factory in Arizona delayed as U.S. grants remain in flux
Site will start operations only in 2027 or 2028, instead of the chipmaker's earlier guidance of 2026.
Huawei caused a stir in the U.S. and China last August when it released a smartphone with a 7nm processor made by Shanghai-based SMIC.
Jan 5, 2024
Huawei teardown shows 5nm laptop chip made in Taiwan, not China
The firm caused a stir last August when it released a smartphone with a processor that was only a few years behind the cutting edge.
Washington is taking steps to prevent U.S. chipmakers from circumventing government rules in order to sell to China.
Oct 16, 2023
U.S. to tighten rules aimed at keeping advanced chips out of China
The Biden administration is aiming to close loopholes that might help its geopolitical rival gain cutting-edge technologies.
A specialist removes a Kirin 9000s chip fabricated in China by Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. from a Huawei Mate X5 foldable smartphone in Ottawa on Sept. 19.
BUSINESS / Companies
Oct 5, 2023
Taiwan to probe suppliers helping Huawei with China chip plants
A news report this week identified four firms working on chip plants backed by Huawei in China.
The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. facility in Phoenix, Arizona
BUSINESS / Companies
Sep 20, 2023
TSMC weighs advanced chip packaging in U.S. to ease bottleneck
The U.S. is talking to TSMC about research and development for the first time, in an effort to bring more of the contract chipmaker’s technology onshore.
Former Foxconn founder Terry Gou gestures during a news conference in Taipei on Monday. Gou announced that he will run for president of Taiwan as an independent candidate.
Aug 28, 2023
Foxconn founder Terry Gou announces Taiwan presidential bid
Trailing his competition, he will must secure signatures from around 290,000 voters for his bid to become official.
Japan Times
Apr 21, 2023
Taiwan quietly urges U.S. to calm rhetoric on China chip dangers
In quiet conversations and back-channel warnings, Taiwanese officials have urged their American counterparts to tone down their rhetoric about the dangers of relying on chips made by TSMC.
Japan Times
Apr 14, 2023
Risk of Chinese economic blockade has Taiwan preparing response
Chinese military exercises are increasingly aimed at 'winning the war without an actual fight,” Roy Chun Lee, Taiwan’s deputy foreign minister, said in an interview.
Japan Times
Mar 10, 2023
U.S. and India plan to boost chips collaboration, Biden’s commerce chief says
The memorandum of understanding between the two countries focuses on information-sharing and policy dialogue toward greater collaboration in the semiconductor industry.
Japan Times
Dec 16, 2022
U.S. blacklists more Chinese tech companies, escalating trade fight
The latest restrictions are part of the recent push to limit China's access to advanced chipmaking and artificial intelligence technology.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Oct 5, 2022
Canon plans ¥50 billion plant in Tochigi to produce more chipmaking equipment
Construction will begin in Utsunomiya in 2023 and the plant will begin operations in 2025, a spokesman said Wednesday.
Japan Times
Sep 28, 2022
Apple ditches iPhone production increase after demand falters
The electronics maker has reportedly told suppliers to pull back from efforts to increase assembly of the iPhone 14 family by as many as 6 million units in the second half of this year.
Japan Times
Jun 14, 2022
China’s chipmaking power grows despite U.S. effort to counter it
Chinese orders for chip-manufacturing equipment from overseas suppliers rose 58% in 2021, making it the biggest market for those products for a second year running.
Japan Times
Feb 8, 2022
Shift toward EVs is an opportunity for other Taiwanese firms too
In the race to accelerate EVs, car companies now require more electronics components than ever before, creating opportunities for Taiwanese companies beyond chipmaker TSMC.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Companies
Jan 12, 2022
Sony is dealing with PlayStation 5 shortage by making more PS4s
The older console uses less advanced chips, is simpler to make and provides a budget-friendly alternative to the flagship model.
Japan Times
Nov 23, 2021
China sets sights on corporate backers of Taiwan’s independence
A Taiwan Affairs Office spokeswoman said China will never allow individuals and businesses that support Taiwan independence to make profits in China.
Japan Times
Nov 8, 2021
World’s top chipmakers provide data to U.S. as deadline arrives
Washington's request sparked controversies in both Taiwan and South Korea, with some fearing the U.S. is demanding that companies hand over trade secrets.
Japan Times
Oct 29, 2021
U.S. says it’s working with Taiwan to secure chip supply chain
Global supply chains have been strained by a pair of pandemic-related problems: labor issues and a surge in demand for goods.
Japan Times
Oct 4, 2021
Taiwan says peace crucial to chip supply as China pressure grows
A heavy reliance on the island has spurred major governmental players to reconsider their own domestic chip industries.
Japan Times
Aug 24, 2021
Chip supplies to take new hit as COVID-19 surges in Malaysia
In recent years Malaysia has emerged as a major center for chip testing and packaging, but numbers of COVID-19 infections are soaring in the country and putting operations at risk.


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