Though the state of emergency has been lifted for many parts of Japan, the need to maintain vigilance when it comes to COVID-19 is something that’s surely on many people’s minds. Here are some tech products that aim to help during this time.

A mindful app

With requests to stay home fairly common these days, some people are finding themselves more stressed out than usual. Tokyo-based startup Hakali has responded by creating Awarefy, a smartphone app that aims to promote self-care.

The app does this through a “feelings memo” feature, where you can enter your emotions every day in order to interact with a chat-bot. What you input is then analyzed and reports are generated so you can take a look at what’s going on in your head. Another function lets you enter your physical and mental conditions in the morning and at night, and produces bar graphs that can alert you to any trends. Take control of what you’re feeling by comparing the notes and graphs together.

Awarefy also provides audio guides for those who’d like to try mindfulness meditation, and includes information on anger management. The app and its basic features are free, and Hakali plans to offer premium plans for a price in the future. For now, though, the premium features are free until June 30. Awarefy is available for Android and an iOS version is set to be released this month.



Supporting artists

The pandemic has hit the music industry particularly hard, with many smaller acts bearing the brunt of canceled performances and delayed releases. As a result, Skiyaki, headquartered in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward, has designed a smartphone app called Bitfan that tries to connect artists and their fans.

Under a monthly membership plan, Bitfan will gather the artist of your choosing’s various social media feeds in one place. It also has a translation function that supports multiple languages. The platform also aims to create a completely fan-supported community that blocks out the kind of toxic comments that characterize modern-day social media.

Additionally, when fans check out their chosen artist’s work on Spotify or buy “hearts” and post them to their content, they can accumulate points that can be redeemed for various benefits. Bitfan also operates as a platform on which to sell merchandise, so the relationship can continue on after the pandemic ends.

Bitfan is free to download at the Apple Store and on Google Play.


Gamers Mobile Cooler
Gamers Mobile Cooler

Keeping things cool

One thing that has come out of the pandemic is that screen time is on the rise. Have you noticed your smartphone getting hotter more easily? Gadget maker Game Tech has, so it has released Gamers Mobile Cooler, a cooling fan that supports multiple models of phone.

The device cools your smartphone by up to 13 degrees Celsius with a Peltier device and cooling fan that attaches to its back with suction cups. The fan is silent and weighs around 60 grams. It is small enough for your phones but can also be used for tablets and gaming terminals such as Nintendo Switch. To use it, you’ll need a 5V/1A or 5V/2A AC adapter or mobile battery.

The Gamers Mobile Cooler costs ¥3,960 including tax. Accessories include a replacement heat transfer sheet, spare suction cups and a meter-long USB cable.


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