The Japan Times, Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Chairperson and publisher: Minako Suematsu) has added the Japan Times Book Viewer, which allows users to search and view booklets and books.  In addition to the previous Japan Times Archive, the Japan Times has begun to digitize and offer new content from the past editions of “The Japan Times Enthronement Number 1928” .

「The Japan Times Enthronement Number 1928 」Front page
「The Japan Times Enthronement Number 1928 」Front page

“The Japan Times Enthronement Number 1928” was published in December, 1928, after the enthronement ceremony of the Showa Emperor in the 3rd year of the Showa Era. In this book, you can see the social background of the time, foreign policy, and the process of adopting the West, as well as photos of the accession ceremony about 90 years ago, photos of the imperial family members, and congratulatory messages from various countries. You can feel the changing times through this one book.

This time, a book viewer has been developed for viewing these publications. It is a database that can be used functionally because of the simplicity of the screen layout and guidance.  We are sure our book viewer would be very useful for many students, researchers, and school institutions.

Since its release in 2013, the Japan Times Archive has been highly regarded by libraries, schools and researchers as a valuable English-language resource that is indispensable to the story of Japan.

「The Japan Times Book Viewer」Top page
「The Japan Times Book Viewer」Top page

■Product Overview■

  • Product name: “The Japan Times Enthronement Number 1928” digital edition
  • Publication date: December 20, 1928
  • Content: 223 pages, including photos of the day of the accession and photos of the Imperial Family. The Imperial Army of the time, architecture, railroads, shipping, trade, industry, finance, education, art, and sports.
  • Platform: Japan Times Book Viewer
  • Authentication method: IP address authentication
  • Access plan:
    1. Additional purchase as an option to the existing Japan Times archive
    2. Independent purchase
  • Website:http://jtimes.jp/archives

This product is intended for corporate clients such as libraries, schools, research institutions, and companies.

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