Providing flights to more countries than any other airline in the world, Turkish Airlines offers travelers comfortable passage to destinations across the globe. As it celebrates its 30th anniversary of flights to and from Japan, the airline continues to enhance services with exciting promotions and luxurious amenities.

Record-setting airline

Reflecting its reputation for world-class service, Turkish Airlines ranks No. 1 among all airlines in several categories. With an expansive destination network of 124 countries and 310 cities, the airline serves the most destinations from airport hubs in Europe. With a network of destinations that includes 114 cities across Germany, Italy, Spain, the Balkans and other European regions, Turkish Airlines provides convenient passage for travelers with connecting flights out of Istanbul.

"Turkish Airlines will continue to expand its flight network. In 2019, we will fly to Bali, Mexico City, Cancun and Rovaniemi," said Tuncay Eminoglu, vice president of sales in Asia and Far East. "Additionally, our fleet will grow in strength with new airplanes that will be delivered in the upcoming years."

Comfortable seating

Whether it's business or economy, Turkish Airlines provides high-quality services to satisfy the needs of all customers.

The spacious business class cabins feature "flying chefs," who serve exquisite delicacies, as well as a cutting-edge entertainment system. Boasting full-flat seats with nearly 180 degrees of recline, free Wi-Fi and live satellite broadcasting from NHK and other networks, business class cabins capture the essence of rest and relaxation for air travelers.

To enhance business class, Turkish Airlines has introduced two new services for intercontinental passengers. The first allows passengers to select their in-flight meal before boarding. Passengers departing from Istanbul can access pictures and other information on in-flight meals from the airline's website or app and select their preference in advance. The second, Dine on Demand — available on evening flights arriving at or departing from Istanbul — allows passengers to select their preferred dining time.

Economy passengers can also rest easy, knowing they are traveling in comfort. Passengers are treated to Turkish Airlines' award-winning in-flight meals, which feature various Turkish dishes prepared with fresh ingredients, and a selection of alcoholic beverages. Economy offerings also include slippers and eye masks, as well as abundant premium entertainment.

New crew uniforms

To celebrate the 85th anniversary of its founding, Turkish Airlines is introducing new, stylish crew uniforms. The uniform's design takes inspiration from several aspects of Turkish culture.

"Turkish Airlines brings a new elegant style to the skies with its new cabin crew uniforms," said Eminoglu. "Inspired by many classic elements of Turkish design and culture, the uniforms incorporate traditional patterns found in artisan glassware, ceramics and calligraphy, accentuated with contemporary textures and details."

Stronger Japan services

While this year marks the 30th anniversary of Japan flights, next year, Turkey and Japan will commemorate 130 years of friendly bilateral relations.

"Relations between Japan and Turkey have always been very special and positive since 1890, which is considered the starting point of the friendship between our two great countries. We operated our first scheduled flight to Tokyo almost 100 years after that in 1989. Now, we operate daily flights, bridging our countries," Eminoglu said.

Amid the backdrop of these two historic anniversaries, as well as the lead-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, Turkish Airlines is enhancing its Japan services.

From April to October 2020, Turkish Airlines will resume direct flights between Osaka and Istanbul, with five weekly flights servicing both directions.

"Osaka is a great destination to support our inbound and outbound flights. Since Japan has a target of 40 million inbound tourists by 2020, we believe that we are able to support this with our flights backed by our extensive network," said Eminoglu.

During this period, the airline will also enhance its servicing between Narita and Istanbul. The airline currently provides daily flights between the two metropolitan hubs — seven weekly flights in both directions — but will increase the number of flights in both directions to eleven. These flights will be serviced by state-of-the-art Boeing 787-9 airplanes with new seating in both economy and business.

Celebrating 30 years

The airline is marking the anniversary of Japan flights with a newly released commercial featuring star Japanese athletes Yuto Nagatomo, a professional soccer player with Turkish club Galatasaray, and professional golfer and 14-time Japan Golf Tour winner Hideto Tanihara. During their journeys around the world, Turkish Airlines' business class cabins provide these athletes the comfort needed to rejuvenate and maximize their performances.

The commercial highlights how the luxurious cabins are a "home away from home" for these athletes, with high-quality services that provide ultimate relaxation.

"We regard Japan as an important market. Throughout our journey to promote our brand in Japan, we are excited to have these two great Japanese athletes, Mr. Nagatomo and Mr. Tanihara, join us as Turkish Airlines brand ambassadors," said Eminoglu.

A cutting-edge hub

Istanbul is a mere three-hour flight from over 50 countries, and with a new airport that just opened in October, the metropolitan center is poised to continue as a hub for global travelers.

"Istanbul Airport is a breakthrough for Turkish Airlines and the international aviation industry," said Eminoglu. "Its annual capacity is now 90 million passengers and it should reach 200 million passengers once fully completed. The airport offers airlines 22,000 square meters of space for lounges, and the airport is equipped with high-end technologies, resulting in an enhanced travel experience for passengers."

The new airport features three Turkish Airlines lounges: the business lounge, the Miles & Smiles lounge and one for domestic flights. In summer, the airport plans to open an additional two lounges, an exclusive lounge and one for arrivals.

The business lounge is 5,600 square meters, with 765 seats and 13 personal rooms with showers. In collaboration with the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, the lounge features an art display for guests to enjoy while waiting for flights. At the Miles & Smiles lounge, guests can look forward to a golf simulator and a kids area, in addition to a space with virtual reality entertainment that will be introduced soon. The domestic lounge, which is accessible from an entrance outside the terminal, offers abundant amenities, including comfortable sofa seating, Turkish dining, a spacious kids area, numerous televisions and prayer rooms.

"The new airport is the biggest infrastructure project in the history of Turkey, and once all phases are completed, it will not only be Turkish Airlines' home base, but also one of the world's largest flight hubs," Eminoglu said. "It's revolutionary in terms of new technology and service implementation and marks a new era in the history of Turkish Airlines. It's also important for the company's growing strategy. As a new hub for Turkish Airlines, the airport allows us to offer enhanced experiences and high-end transit capabilities to our passengers."

Services for transfer passengers

Turkish Airlines presents passengers with layovers several opportunities to appreciate the wonders of Istanbul.

A new stopover program campaign, called "Yottoku Istanbul," started in 2018. Passengers who purchase round-trip tickets for flights with a layover in Istanbul spanning 20 hours or more will receive hotel vouchers for lodgings in Istanbul. Economy passengers will receive a voucher for one night at a four-star hotel and those in business will receive a voucher for two nights at a five-star hotel.

Another exciting campaign from Turkish Airlines is its Touristanbul service. Available to passengers with a layover in Istanbul lasting between six and 24 hours, this service treats travelers to a free tour of Istanbul. After being picked up by a tour guide at the airport, travelers can use their layover time to experience the city's beautiful sights and delicious regional cuisine.

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