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National Nov 12, 2018

Japan's Rokko Butter starts producing processed cheese in Indonesia

Rokko Butter Co., teaming with trading giant Mitsubishi Corp., has launched production of processed cheese in Indonesia in its first foray into a foreign market. Undertaking production is PT. Emina Cheese Indonesia, a joint venture 49 percent owned by Rokko and the rest by Mitsubishi. "Current ...

Editorials Nov 12, 2018

Japan positions itself for the future

Japan now has its own own satellite positioning system, but it must be careful that it does not miss out on innovation and get stuck with a technology that is outdated and of limited application.

Second straight loss for yokozuna Kisenosato at Kyushu Basho

Sumo / Basho Reports Nov 12, 2018

Second straight loss for yokozuna Kisenosato at Kyushu Basho

Yokozuna Kisenosato suffered his second straight loss at the 15-day Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament after being defeated by top-ranked maegashira Myogiryu on Monday. Kisenosato, the only yokozuna competing at Fukuoka Kokusai Center following withdrawals by Mongolians Hakuho and Kakuryu, was unable to find an opening ...

Sumo 101: Chanko

Sumo Nov 12, 2018

Sumo 101: Chanko

by John Gunning

Sumo wrestlers don't eat before training. An average workout is so intense that attempting to do one on a full stomach inevitably leads to the person getting sick less than an hour in. Instead, the first meal of the day for rikishi is the post-training chanko-nabe ...