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Words and phrases

訪日外国人旅行者 (ほうにちがいこくじんりょこうしゃ) foreign tourists who come to Japan

急増 (きゅうぞう) surge

~に伴う (~にともなう) along with ~

地域 (ちいき) region

生活環境 (せいかつかんきょう) living conditions

悪化する (あっかする) to deteriorate

観光公害 (かんこうこうがい) “overtourism” [literally, “tourism pollution”]

~と呼ばれる (~とよばれる) to be called ~

現象 (げんしょう) phenomenon

観光庁 (かんこうちょう) Japan Tourism Agency

初の (はつの) the first

実態調査 (じったいちょうさ) fact-finding investigation

乗り出す (のりだす) to launch

各地 (かくち) throughout the country

交通混雑 (こうつうこんざつ) traffic congestion

民泊 (みんぱく) private lodging services

~を巡る (~をめぐる) to be surrounded by ~

起きる (おきる) to arise

対策 (たいさく) measures

強化する (きょうかする) to strengthen

詳しい (くわしい) detailed

状況 (じょうきょう) situation

有効な (ゆうこうな) effective

事例 (じれい) example

把握する (はあくする) to grasp

平穏な (へいおんな) peaceful

住民生活 (じゅうみんせいかつ) residents’ everyday lives

共存 (きょうぞん) to coexist

~に向けて (~にむけて) to aim for ~

本年度中 (ほんねんどじゅう) within the current fiscal year

報告 (ほうこく) report

まとめる to compile

既に (すでに) already

有名観光地 (ゆうめいかんこうち) popular tourist sites

全国 (ぜんこく) throughout the country

約 (やく) around, about

自治体 (じちたい) local government bodies

アンケート survey

実施する (じっしする) to conduct

新たに (あらたに) anew

始める (はじめる) to start

併せて (あわせて) at the same time, also

自治体担当者 (じちたいたんとうしゃ) municipal government official

有識者 (ゆうしきしゃ) expert

交える (まじえる) to involve

勉強会 (べんきょうかい) study group

11月 (じゅういちがつ) November

発足する (ほっそくする) to set up

結果 (けっか) result

~を踏まえる (~ふまえる) based on ~

国 (くに) central government

政策提言 (せいさくていげん) policy proposal

Quick questions

1) 「観光公害」とは何ですか。

2) 各地でどんなトラブルが起きていますか。

3) 勉強会は何をしますか。


Alongside a surge in foreign tourists, the Japan Tourism Agency has launched its first fact-finding investigation concerning a phenomenon that’s being called “overtourism,” which is seeing living conditions in some regions get worse. Measures will be strengthened in each region where traffic congestion and trouble surrounding private lodging services has arisen. With the aim of creating peaceful coexistence with residents, the agency hopes to get an understanding of the details of the situation and examples of effective measures for a report compiled within the fiscal year.

The agency has conducted surveys with around 50 local governments in popular tourist regions across the country and will start anew with another 150 or so.

At the same time, municipal officials and experts will be involved in a study group to be set up in November. Based on investigation results, it will propose policies for central and local governments.


1) What is “overtourism”?


When a surge of foreign tourists come to Japan causes the deterioration in the living conditions of an area.

2) What kind of problems have arisen in each region?


Traffic congestion and troubles surrounding private lodging services.

3) What will the study group do?


Propose policies for the central and local governments based on the results of an investigation.

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